Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Part 2 Oprah #thelifeyouwantMIA

To all of you who went with me in spirit here are some more highlights to give you a taste of what you missed from not actually being there – first each participant was provided with a wrist band which changed colour according to what was happening on stage it was called our energy band.

Friday night was Ms O alone giving you her history from Mississipi to present reminding me that my favourite quote from her is : “I’m the master of my fate, I'm the captain of my soul ".I must say she looks exactly like she does on TV and she has obviously lost weight being on this 'life you want' tour.

Saturday started with meditation led by Deepak as only he can do it "the self of you is the self of the universe .....meditation is developing a spiritual muscle “ - we all developed some spiritual muscle as you could drop a pin in the arena during meditation and it would have sounded like a bomb.

Then we had Elizabeth Gilbert who told us to grab life with both hands... stop settling  .... even if you feel you are boxed in and can't free yourself – start now to plan and save  – she gave us a story of a mother of 5 whose husband left her with the children but she had a dream of touring the world - well she saved a dollar a day for over 20 years and when her last child graduated from school she booked her cruise ... follow your dreams.

Next came Rob Bell a minister from Michigan  he was new to me but he won't be new anymore - he spoke of  validation we all want to be validated  - as Oprah says " everyone of us is looking for the same thing, we want to know we matter ". Minister Bell told us to look out for ourselves because we do everything for everyone else and leave ourselves out  - ain’t that the truth!

We next learnt our soul is in a cycle as out came an exercise instructor for a spinning gym called Soul Cycle which developed out of 2 women following their dreams and opening  a high energy cycle club where they use bright yellow cycles - of course we were on our feet jumping to the music - DJ KISS was our DJ for the 2 days with some serious dance music !!!!

Iyanla was the final presenter and although a little loud for me, her comedic touch balances that out. She told us about her life and how life has been her friend no matter how bad a week she has and the past two had been extremely rough as her assistant had a stroke - but through all her challenges life lifts her up. She apologized for not wearing the proper undergarments as she had forgotten them as she arrived in a rush Saturday morning and I thought to myself it takes a woman very comfortable in her skin to come on stage in front of thousands without a bra and huge girls one much bigger than the other - shows she has the ego thing under control.

Amy Purdy was there to present a Toyota award - the Miami  'standing ovation' which was given to a woman who took her and her husband’s life savings and bought a bus which they equipped with computers and drove into the ghettos to give underprivileged children a chance  because she didn't want to retire to a rocking chair on her porch.....well Toyota gave her $25,000 and Ms O matched it of course.

We ended knowing “the only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah. A wonderful thing happened while I was sitting in the airport waiting on my flight home, I met  two women  and they both asked  "when are you going to do something like this in Jamaica ?" My answer - soon - we will not have Oprah but great speakers none the less so stay tuned.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oprah #thelifeyouwantMIA

I attended the Miami leg of Oprah's Life You Want tour and I must say I'm not leaving as I came . If we doubt that we all are energy and spirits having a human experience, these events really put it in perspective. The one other time that I felt energy pulsating in a room like this was at Panorama Of Truth (POT) my Church's yearly conference. Group of like minds vibrating ....nothing like it .
So what this 2 days brought home to me is how easily we judge and how we keep going into others territory where we have no business . I know I judge and as someone who has been working on myself for years, I'm now going to put more work into this aspect of my life - being conscious of it is half the battle won .The issue of not going into other people's territory is easier for me to accept as I learnt this as a child. I used to wonder why my nanny prayed so hard and to me her life was the same I asked my mother and she explained to me beseeching prayers and the fact that God has given us everything we need and all we have to do is use it and not be begging him to do it for us . It explained to me later why grandmothers with their 'bad man' grandsons although on their knees praying morning, noon and night couldn't evoke change in their grandchildren if these men didn't want it to be so. As a Truth student, Rev. Sheila McKeithen further enlightened me as to why we must stay in our own territory and not be in other peoples business as it's your issue not mine and me taking it on can't help - we think because that person is our child or spouse it's fine - it's not - their issues are not our business and we can't work on it for them. Each of us have to fight our own battles and I can't fight yours and you can't fight mine - I can support you in your fight, be there for you but that's all I can do.
There were two speakers on the tour that stood out for me and that was Rob Bell and Iyanla Vanzant. Elizabeth Gilbert was also good and showed up this issue that I have which is why I have to work on judgment - I have never been able to separate the message from the messenger . I used to have a problem getting TD Jakes' messages because he is on the heavy side and had on all these ill lifting suits. Look on TD Jakes today flying in his private jet looking good in designer suits and taking his message to people like me who need it . JUDGE not!  Easier said than done though - I had difficulty hearing Elizabeth Gilbert's message as I had a hard time getting past the thought that she needed a stylist from head to toe so I listened but I didn't hear - I was too busy putting on a fabulous pair of black stilettos on her and taking off that thing around her neck and doing her hair where the curling iron marks weren't even brushed out - oh I could have given her a fabulous hair cut I guess it's the hairdresser in me but who am I to be judging Elizabeth Gilbert .....really ? Seriously??
Oprah was Oprah - comfortable in that 3 billion dollars worth of skin - as she likes to say ' I have a big life'  always saying the right thing,but on  Friday night i discovered just how much I knew about her life as I've followed her over the years.
Then for brawta there was my favourite girl from DWTS Amy Purdy cute as a button with the artificial legs in the black pumps Elizabeth Gilbert needed ......there I go again ....  how easy it is for us to slip and right now as you are reading this I know you are judging me but guess what? Whatever you think of me is none of my business so on we all go to create the life we want.
Thank you Father for giving me health and strength to attend this - thanks to the friend who suggested it and the friend who took me and paid for it and the friend who gave us his fabulous Miami Beach apt to stay. If you can see it .....you can believe it ......you can manifest it .....

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola & Chikv hysteria

Yesterday 16/10/2014 was a day directly out of hell for me.
I learnt so much about the human psyche and the fact that most of us are followers so can be whipped into anything - no wonder Hitler succeeded. All it took was a well known announcer on a popular local radio station and a few rumour mongrels posing as journalists and it was all over…. one of the people that I work with told me that her 10 year old child called crying "mommy Ebola is here in Jamaica and I don't want you to die" - now who scared this child out of his wits?.... I have never seen irresponsibility taken to this level before. Now if Ebola comes to Jamaica you mean we are all going to panic and turn into fools ??? You mean we are that scared to die? Aren't we the same set of people who drive at 140mph in an 80mph zone ? Aren't we the same people that don't use condoms because we don't like how they feel although we know about HIV/Aids??? Aren't we the same people that daily eat processed foods , sugar laden drinks, excess alcohol and smoke 2 packs a day ??? I'm just amazed we are all happy to call down Chikv on us with all the dumping of plastic waste in gullies and all over our communities to create breeding sites for mosquitoes but we scared of Ebola ??? People recover from Ebola you know, it doesn't kill everybody that gets it and guess what we don't all have to get it. The time we take panicking we would build our immune system and clean up the mosquito breeding sites . I've heard enough crap today to last me a life time .....How it's the plane that went down in the sea near Portland that cause Chikv - I watch sensible people write crap about they think that Chikv is not caused by mosquitoes it’s air borne blah blah blah ....and what causes Ebola?  Oh I forget that the Lord is coming for his world so that's why all these things are happening  - it’s a plague ....I have news for us all we have destroyed  this world and we're going to have to live in it until it self-destructs but not to worry we are trying to do that as soon as possible so we shouldn't have too long to wait ..how many of us panicked this summer when we saw Israelis shooting man, woman and child in Palestine like they were doing target practice? Did we feel the Lord was coming then ? They were people too .....why were they being killed unnecessarily ?What did they do to deserve that? Do u think they fear Ebola ?
People! Ebola has been around for a long while,thank u Cuba for leading from the front  200 doctors sent to the front line is no joke ....I do believe that Chikv was mishandled by the Jamaican authorities - what the PM did this week she should have done 2 months ago so that was a wakeup call for everybody and Ebola is not likely to be similarly mismanaged - I believe in Jamaica and Jamaicans - we are the best at whatever we decide to do and die from an Ebola epidemic in Jamaica ? No , we are not going to.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Breast cancer month

So this month is Breast Cancer month.....those of you who know me know I don't think breast cancer should be singled out, it should be just Cancer Month as all cancers are important and deadly but who am I? The powers that be say it's Breast Cancer month so we are all to dress in pink and raise money for the cause. Well first thing is I don't like anything pink second thing is I believe that you should self exam every month as that's how I found my two breast cancers and  if you don't want to do it  as some of us are scared - let your partner do it -I've felt enough pain in my life don't need to squeeze up my breast in a machine and people like me who have had other cancers don't need added radiation from mammogram machines but new stats say new machines are low on radiation so you have no excuse - always remember early detection saves lives.
Went to Kingston for a funeral this past Saturday and it got me to thinking about Chik v and Ebola - suppose some one like me who has fought cancer for 36 years dies from one of those viruses would all my strict living have been in vain?
I've deprived myself from my favourite foods all these years -right now I would love a  bowl of rum and raisin ice cream before bed - that's not to be and no rum and cranberry for me oh how I miss white rum and cranberry but too much sugar so that's not to be either - so suppose I live this green life (remember I hate everything green but I now not only eat but drink it daily) and here comes one of these viruses for me should I have a juicy pork chop tomorrow in case ? Or should I continue stepping up my antioxidants so my immune system is ready for the fight  hmmmmmm
I notice that when you are healthy you bounce back quicker no matter what hits you down so I'll get my papaya leaves ready and go and have my turmeric juice before bed or maybe tonight I should have sour sop leaf tea ......
Folks get you bodies ready and plant some Neem trees and start educating everyone to not throw garbage in gullies and drains as I'm sure you are noticing that our Government has no money to clean them and all of you that saying the Lord coming for his world I have news for you suppose he's not  and you will have to live in the mess we've made?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

These man-made viruses

I've started writing just in time for chikungunya - chik v ...... or as people like to call it chicken gunman, chicken gonorrhea, chicken gungu - many a name for it - much panic over it .
I guess because I live with cancer it doesn't scare me as the bottom line is that it's not a killer it's just very painful and the itching drives you out of your mind......thank God when you contract it the side effects are mostly short lived but if you get a bad dose it can keep reoccurring for a few years they say. I really don't know. I know I've stepped up my antioxidants as waiting on chik v to hit you is like me living with cancer and waiting on the other shoe to drop - you don't know when - you only know it's coming ......the virus has no known cure but just make sure you take plenty antioxidants to prevent you from succumbing to the worse of its side effects.

  1.  So this brings us to Jamaica and it's management or more accurately mismanagement of solid waste. When do we intend to do something about it ? The place I lived before my present home had no garbage collection so everyday we would find the nearest skip to throw our garbage - most people find the nearest gully to throw their garbage so it's out of their eyesight but here comes the rain and the sea looks like this where I now live in MoBay.

When are the powers that be going to do something about it ? When are we going to stop being so nasty ? Plastic bottles and scandal bags are killing the nation and since we are an island we can't truck our waste to another state and pretend it doesn't exist. Listening to people on the television talking about their experience with this new virus I realize just how illiterate our nation is. Although the experts say, and I do believe , this is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes - when mosquitoes bite you during the day most of us don't realize it - there are all sorts of ridiculous stories going around on how you contract it - People! Fenton Ferguson did not cause it. . My firm belief is that the origins of this virus, along with many others, is man-made -  Brazil just released thousands of mosquitoes aimed at controlling dengue fever.....messing with Mother Nature never ends well yet we continue to do it, we never learn. Know that our future with all these man-made diseases that they can't control is going to make our life a living hell so clean up your community ......NOW 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Life as a Semi-Colon: And so there must come an end

Today on Twitter Emma Lewis @ Petchary  posted this blog from Charley and nothing has come so close to home like this. It hit me like a ton of bricks as I realized the difference between me and Charley is that we chose 2 different paths,I'm so lucky my way worked for me because hers didn't for her. We both started with the bad boy colon cancer she got her few weeks to live diagnosis at the end of her fight, I got my two weeks to live diagnosis at the start .....Read and realize how short life can be.To those of us that will play the life game with cancer, remember that when you choose a treatment choose quality of life instead of quantity.Choose the way that will keep you out of hospital and able to enjoy whatever time you have left with your loved ones whether it be a day or a year. Here is the link to Charley's blog -
Life as a Semi-Colon: And so there must come an end

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


There were so many things I wrote about in my mind while I was away from my blog and now I'm back I can't remember a thing LOL.
Today my thoughts are about how much I would have missed if I hadn't made it til now. I would have missed all these school challenge quizzes which happen to be my favourite television shows ....why? they give me hope for my country - the youngsters are just the best - when they get a right answer you can literally see their 'glad bag bust' their eyes light up and they struggle not to smile and they look over to their coaches to get  approval. Some days I'm so tense watching them that I shudder to think what they are going through ....I just watched a repeat broadcast and the little boy from South Borough Primary burst out in tears when he realized time was running out and they were behind...of course among the high schools I would have missed is all of KC's wins -yes , I carry KC in everything quiz, track, football - fortis for life. My greatest joy now though is watching 'no name' schools doing better and better every year. I urge all my peeps to watch SCQ it will warm your heart .....watch it instead of the news and know that Jamaica does have a bright future we just all need to see it .
People ask me all the time what do I do to keep from getting depressed after getting yet another cancer diagnosis - they want to know how do I keep trucking on. Well in my case I never get depressed, I am just getting tired of the fight - feeling fed up .....it's not an easy road and I've had the diagnosis 5 times . The older I get, things that used to not hurt , hurt terribly now. My last biopsy my doctor couldn't believe I was crying as he is not used to that from me but it just hurt so much....as we walked to the lab he said ' Pat you're still crying' I said 'I am don't let it bother you' I cried from he stuck the first needle in me till I went to the cashier to pay for the test, the cashier summed it up best "Ah Mrs. Wright once again my prayers go with you". So what I do to get through it is always to have a prayer in my heart.
My favourite prayers are 'Thank you Father," and " Father help me " short and to the point.
So to all of you - keep a prayer in your heart and on your lips and choose life not depression.
My every morning prayer as I realize that I'm awake is The Prayer of Faith which says -
God is my help in every need
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way 
through every moment of this day. 
I now am wise, I now am true, 
patient and kind and loving too. 
All things I am, can do, and be
through Christ the Truth that is in me.
God is my health, I can't be sick 
God is my strength unfailing quick
God is my all, I know no fear
since God and love and truth are here.
God is my wealth, I can't be poor.
God is my true abundant store. 
His indwelling presence brings to me;
health, happiness and prosperity.

Thank you Reverend Sheila!