Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thoughts of priorities and death

So I'm driving in MoBay today and looking at the corridor from the airport to the conference centre noticing the street lights that are going up and wondering why we have our priorities so very wrong? I see very well when driving on that highway at nights now and I'm sure everybody else does too - one woman when I voiced my thoughts said , "Pat I have night blindness and live in Ironshore and see very well driving home at night " - well suppose we took those millions that's being used to put up these lights and gave it to the hospitals instead - starting with the Cornwall Regional Hospital since it is in St.James that the street lights are being put up - isn't our health much more important than lights to look good for tourists - just asking? Then I've also been reflecting on the Sigma run/walk That I took part in this past Sunday - didn't the organizers know that after the crowd they pulled last year,this year, they should have staggered the starts? I'm a mere walker and the runners took so long to start that when they set off the walkers my feet couldn't move it took about 5 mins for me to hit my stride. Come on Frano show them how it's done - last year I couldn't even enter the park the gate was too narrow for all the people trying to go in - this year I went straight to my car - Mr Byles start and end at The National Stadium next year please. I got a lot of calls regarding the lady who died while participating in the Sigma run some wanted to make sure it wasn't me and was relieved to hear me answer my phone - the rest of these callers (non-exercisers) wanting to show me that the lady exercised and still died - until we know her cause of death - I'll just say it's not quantity of life that truly matters it's quality of life I'm advocating for. She obviously lived a full and fabulous life - all her friends and family have spoken so highly of her energy so she went out doing what she loved - remember while we are in life we are in death so while we keep ourself spiritually tuned remember when you don't excercise and eat right your quality of life is not so hot - the big belly men and the ladies under-breast meat bigger than their breasts and all the complaints about acid reflux, diabetes, hypertension and on and on..... So it's not that we are not all going to die it's just that we are able to do more and enjoy life more and look better while waiting to go:) RIP Alicia Prince

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Musings on health

My CFO calls it a curse I call it an epidemic but can someone tell me why since 1 Jan 2015, 3 people I know have been floored by high blood pressure? one hospitalized with low blood pressure one with diabetes, 4 diagnosed with cancer , 4 dead from cancer, 2 on the way out meaning the call can come anytime from cancer and one with an autoimmune disease that's giving her a rough time she can't function.
I don't know about anybody else but to have 4 people that you know die in a month is no joke normally you would have 4 people you know die in a year  - young and old they are dying or very ill. I have had a cold/ virus from the 28th of Dec. This morning is the best I've felt and today is the 28th of Jan one entire month of feeling awful and my head full of mucus, this happened even after I relented and took a round of antibiotics which is a big No No  for me .
How could I forget my bosom buddy had muscle inflammation around her sternum and my 33 year old nephew-in-law had heart surgery where he nearly died on the table started bleeding from his heart valve saturating his liver.
This is a scary time and please let no one tell me God is coming for his world as I firmly believe that people believe this that's why we are destroying the world, but I have news for you we are going to have to live  in this world that we are destroying and many of us not going to enjoy living in it.
ChikV I've been reliably informed is killing a lot of people whose bodies have been compromised eg if you had leukemia and it was in remission it brings it back with a vengeance that usually kills . I also hear that if you had a broken leg or arm you have pain for months I hear it might last for years  but it hasn't been raging that long here for us to find that out yet.
So how did ChikV come about ? How did Ebola come about ? And why are we pushing flu vaccines that they are saying this year might not work because the vaccine and the flu are two different strains?why are people with stage one cancer having chemo and radiation? Why are people with high blood pressure eating mackerel run down? Isn't this 2015 don't we know that we mustn't eat salt if we have  high blood pressure? I've been hearing that from I'm a child so how can we not know the mackerel we buy is called salt mackerel for a reason and even if it tastes fresh after it is cooked it's been cured so salt is cured in it!!!!
I'm really confused don't we know that cinnamon and grapefruit lowers pressure? Can we not help ourselves more?
Those of us who try to help ourselves and not eating processed food or radiated foreign fruit we hear the local fruit and vegetables have been sprayed with 'roundup' so we have to eat things like pineapple and papaya which can be peeled and eat our local apples which I'm hoping are so high on the trees nobody sprays them. We also have to drink coconut water and then what do we do with vegetables? Same thing soak and peel....oh Lord what a life !
We are in a war only thing instead of using guns to kill us there are using other ways just as deadly!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Health is our wealth

On the morning of 23rd Dec 2014 I woke up and realized that I'm taking this being alone thing a little too far. I have a son and 2 grandchildren who love me and my son and I have been 'doing' Christmas by ourselves ever since his divorce but I felt that New York , where he lives, was going to be extra cold this year so I had decided to stay in Jamaica . Well his on and off girlfriend, whom I love dearly, had made plans to spend Christmas with him so on the spur of the moment I decided - let me see if I can get on her flight - have credit card will travel so off I went to a fabulous Christmas with both of them with me as the third wheel.....fun can't done!!!
New York city acquiesced and gave me 61 degree weather and it couldn't have been any better .
Back I came the Saturday complete with a flu to end all flus  could it be too much enjoyment of 61 degree weather I don't know but I brought in the New Year with a doozy of a cold. First time in years  i had to succumb to antibiotics and it took so long to work too.... they finally telling us that the flu shots this year might not work as this flu is a different strain....scary scary world! 
Lots of decisions this year. Lots of coming into what the Lord has saved me for all these years. They say you don't make changes if you're comfortable so this year I see uncomfortableness coming on my work scene so I will make a move.
Read recently that it was discovered last year that children in Jamaica are having more cancer than ever before  especially brain cancer.Can we look seriously on what we are feeding our children for 2015? We overdose them with sugar then when we get the diagnosis we freak!!!! Also this heavy diet of processed foods is a no, no - people please ease the children out of all the unhealthy things we're giving them to eat - someone told me last week their 8 year old sister doesn't eat vegetables and this morning Neville told us on TVJ he doesn't drink water - that is so wrong and please, please, please remember foreign fruits are radiated to come in the country so soak, soak, soak - local vegetables come from farms that we don't know what herbicides and pesticides are being used so we're really between the devil and the deep blue sea but we have to realize that eating organic is still cheaper than paying J$300,000 for a round of chemo or J$1.8m for radiation.
For  2015 we don't need to be sitting on chairs because there are no beds in the hospitals because we're having strokes because of  blood pressure issues -have u looked around you and seen how many men have high blood pressure and diabetes? PLEASE throw away those high blood pressure tablets and drink cinnamon tea and  grapefruit juice,take vitamin C, do all the 5k walks and stop the woe is me-Remember our brain is the controlling factor.what we believe we will achieve.
We need to remember our health is our wealth ! May 2015 be our wealthiest year yet.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Life is a Celebration

My life is a celebration so every morning as I wake I give thanks and celebrate....they say that anyone who has a roof over their head , someone to love and a job to do should be contented and I have all 3 so as Deidre Hall says - life is good .This past week was especially good - I spoke at the Women's Entrepreneurship Day (WED) workshop in Kingston
and my alma mater, St. Hugh's High school, honored me at their Banquet for being one of their success stories .
Well my talk at WED and the panel discussion went very well and I was moved by the standing ovation I received there and at the Banquet, surrounded by close friends , I realized how important it is to be recognized by your school.
 I have received many an award over the years and I can easily say none has made me as emotional as the one from my High School, I only wished there had been room on the programme for me to publicly deliver my own thank you so I will use this medium to say what I would have said. My first year at school my music teacher Ms.McCormack told my mother that she would prefer to teach 5 boys than one Donna Jenkins (the names I went by then) - in those days teachers weren't big on acknowledging boredom in children - Ms.McCormack had me playing the triangle even though I was doing my 8th grade practical and 7th grade music theory and on my way to sit for my LRSM in piano so I guess my mischievousness was just me acting out . St.Hugh's was, nonetheless , a very special time in my life and among the important lessons I learnt, there are 3 that have been the hallmark of my life. Firstly it was at St.Hugh's that I discovered that I had a special talent - I walked with my scissors in my uniform pocket and  young girls were willing to have me cut off their ponytails and plaits in the bathroom and Letty, the school janitor, was willing to sweep up the hair in the bathroom to allow me to be back in class when the bell rung.
Secondly, I was taught from that early age that I was a leader . The group that came over from St.Hugh's prep was called Jesus and the 12 disciples of course you must have guessed who was Jesus in that scenario - any of the disciples that got in trouble , it was I who got sent to the Principal's office . One day , one of the "disciples" , Lesley Griffith refused to wear her bloomers to PE  and Ms.Ritchie , the PE teacher , sent me to the office and when I asked why was I being sent as I had on my bloomers and certainly had not told Lesley not to wear hers, Ms. Ritchie told me " because Lesley would never have decided to do this on her own "  so I realized the teachers saw me as a leader, always a good thing to be in life . The third thing I learnt was about love -  I am an adoption and when I found this out at 18 , I called the "disciples" one by one to tell them the news and found out that they all knew . One of them had overheard her parents talking about it from when we were in first form and had told the rest of the "disciples" warning them that I didn't know and that the Principal had said that I wasn't to be told yet because I was too highly strung and none of them told me because they didn't want to hurt me . Now if that isn't love I don't know what is - which set of 12- 18 year olds holds news like that ? Unconditional love.
Thank you St. Hugh's.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Repost from dec 20th 2008 Jamaican Politrix

I am completely befuddled...how come the Jamaican government has money to give to the Clinton Foundation (a President who did nothing for us ) keeping company with Kuwait, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia who gave between US$10-25 million. Don`t we have enough problems ?...... Pregnant mothers sleeping 2 to a bed in our main maternity hospital FOR EXAMPLE, shouldn`t we try to rectify our own problems first before giving to people who are not needy. Or is it that we have to give for America to give us aid ? Well guess what America has no aid giving anybody since they started that war that Mr.Bush could ill afford, they NOW NEED aid.In fact they need more than aid,they need prayers........ So we not getting diddly squat from them therefore we need to keep our little two cents.
Our health care and education systems are so sub-par after we used to be at the top in those sectors in the 50`s and 60`s, even the 70`s we were holding on. Now our University is rated at the bottom of the barrel and is our medical system rated ? I don`t even know.
I notice the people who love to shout about HUMAN RIGHTS not saying anything about the 2 to a bed pregnant mother situation. Isn`t that a human right to have your baby with a little dignity ? 
Jamaica has Mr. Lethargy leading us and everywhere you go the people tell you "these people don`t have a clue" the only one that seems to be on top of things is our agricultural minister Christopher Tufton....How can they be deep into corrupt activities already ? Did they come in with 'getting theirs' as their number one priority ?
I wish to remind them that PNP people voted them in so it's very easy for them to lose their position as it wasn`t too strong in the first place, in fact it can fall at any moment as we are waiting on a court decision.
WE NEED PARTIES THAT YOUNG BRIGHT PEOPLE LIKE AN OBAMA CAN COME IN AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The 2 parties we have now continue to play the same game of coming into politics for one reason and one reason alone - feathering their nests. They hug up the dons and then shout about crime.....crime will never stop once the politicians are granting favours to criminals.
Look at what is happening now where people who worked hard and had success at the different government agencies are being turned out to pasture because they are not in the JLP. That has to stop...If PNP comes in now the JLP ones will be sent packing..... What happened to keeping people on based on merit and performance ?
Truth be told if someone sees an Obama-like Jamaican willing and able to serve in the near future please tell me because look as I might in the 2 parties only Lisa Hanna is playing a half decent game, looks good and talks good, lets see if she does good, she is new we have to wait.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Yes I made it ! One more birthday , one more year.... Thank you father.
Earlier this year when I heard my alma mater, St Hugh's High school was honoring me that was my focus - to make it till the 22nd of Nov and with God's grace I think I will . Nothing like your school thinking you're a success and honouring you for it - I certainly don't want to miss it.
This birthday apart from saying thank you to the One,  it was spent doing just what I wanted to do ending with me watching Scandal ....no time for the massage - that will come today or maybe tomorrow.
So likkle nooky , likkle lunch , likkle flowers , likkle chocolate , likkle movies, likkle tuitti fruiti then home to watch Scandal , LOTS of love .....perfect day.
Thank you all for remembering me with such kindness - one of the birthday greetings that bowled me over was Carlene Gardner saying the world is a better place because I'm in it - OMG that made my day.
So while I was enjoying my day doing likkle things and reading all my good wishes it dawned on me that I'm happy  - I heard a friend say that last month at her birthday party..... she said Brene Brown of " Super Soul Sunday" fame said a lot of us feel guilty in saying we are happy and she realized she is happy, well I don't feel guilty .....I'm happy !!!
If you wake in the mornings beside the person you love and no one brings a bedpan or comes to brush your teeth life is good .
We get so obsessed with the wrong things not realizing we call all we don't want to us .We say God please help me I'm broke instead of saying thank you God for all my riches -if  you send broke out to the universe, not riches, then we manifest what we put out .
It's no wonder our island is consumed with Chickv as that's the focus of almost the entire population. Someone said to me if they could just go on Facebook and not see a word about it they would be relieved.But people - whatever we focus on or put our attention on grows ( I sound like my Minister
Let's try and put our health and our happiness out to the universe in a positive light.Take a page out of Pharrell's book - he was always big but
after Happy he's ginormous!!!!
Be a room without a roof .....because we're happy!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Part 2 Oprah #thelifeyouwantMIA

To all of you who went with me in spirit here are some more highlights to give you a taste of what you missed from not actually being there – first each participant was provided with a wrist band which changed colour according to what was happening on stage it was called our energy band.

Friday night was Ms O alone giving you her history from Mississipi to present reminding me that my favourite quote from her is : “I’m the master of my fate, I'm the captain of my soul ".I must say she looks exactly like she does on TV and she has obviously lost weight being on this 'life you want' tour.

Saturday started with meditation led by Deepak as only he can do it "the self of you is the self of the universe .....meditation is developing a spiritual muscle “ - we all developed some spiritual muscle as you could drop a pin in the arena during meditation and it would have sounded like a bomb.

Then we had Elizabeth Gilbert who told us to grab life with both hands... stop settling  .... even if you feel you are boxed in and can't free yourself – start now to plan and save  – she gave us a story of a mother of 5 whose husband left her with the children but she had a dream of touring the world - well she saved a dollar a day for over 20 years and when her last child graduated from school she booked her cruise ... follow your dreams.

Next came Rob Bell a minister from Michigan  he was new to me but he won't be new anymore - he spoke of  validation we all want to be validated  - as Oprah says " everyone of us is looking for the same thing, we want to know we matter ". Minister Bell told us to look out for ourselves because we do everything for everyone else and leave ourselves out  - ain’t that the truth!

We next learnt our soul is in a cycle as out came an exercise instructor for a spinning gym called Soul Cycle which developed out of 2 women following their dreams and opening  a high energy cycle club where they use bright yellow cycles - of course we were on our feet jumping to the music - DJ KISS was our DJ for the 2 days with some serious dance music !!!!

Iyanla was the final presenter and although a little loud for me, her comedic touch balances that out. She told us about her life and how life has been her friend no matter how bad a week she has and the past two had been extremely rough as her assistant had a stroke - but through all her challenges life lifts her up. She apologized for not wearing the proper undergarments as she had forgotten them as she arrived in a rush Saturday morning and I thought to myself it takes a woman very comfortable in her skin to come on stage in front of thousands without a bra and huge girls one much bigger than the other - shows she has the ego thing under control.

Amy Purdy was there to present a Toyota award - the Miami  'standing ovation' which was given to a woman who took her and her husband’s life savings and bought a bus which they equipped with computers and drove into the ghettos to give underprivileged children a chance  because she didn't want to retire to a rocking chair on her porch.....well Toyota gave her $25,000 and Ms O matched it of course.

We ended knowing “the only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah. A wonderful thing happened while I was sitting in the airport waiting on my flight home, I met  two women  and they both asked  "when are you going to do something like this in Jamaica ?" My answer - soon - we will not have Oprah but great speakers none the less so stay tuned.